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5stelle native cloud pms

Montefalco (Perugia)
Potente, completo, facile, efficace. 5stelle* è il gestionale per hotel 100% cloud
che libera il tuo tempo e moltiplica le tue potenzialità.

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Agricoltura naturale Giorgetti

Montefalco (Perugia)
Mission: Produce genuinity in a closed loop biological reality that is integrated in nature. Make living experiences with nature to make you more aware of what's around us and how it works. Let you discover the territory, its history and the p...

Antonelli S. Marco

Montefalco (Perugia)
As documented in a 13th century deed preserved at the city archives, San Marco de Corticellis, originally a Longobard Court, belonged to the Bishop of Spoleto from the 13th to the 19th century. The old estate, set in the Montefalco territory, cove...

Arnaldo Caprai

Montefalco (Perugia)
In 1971, Arnaldo Caprai, an important textile producer, decided to follow the dream of
 producing his own wine. He was able to recognize the compatibility of the terrain with a vine of great potential, Sagrantino. After 1988, the manag...

B&B Mameli 67

Montefalco (Perugia)

B&B Villa Mustafà

Montefalco (Perugia)
Located right outside the ancient walls of Montefalco, just 2 kilometres from the town’s historical centre, and surrounded by olive groves and vineyards, the B&B Villa Mustafà rises up on a small knoll, embraced in an atmosphere o...

Benedetti & Grigi

Montefalco (Perugia)
In 2014, Umberto Benedetti and Daniele Grigi combined their business skills, founding Cantina Benedetti & Grigi.

The complex is situated among the hills that surround Montefalco, and boasts 68 hectares of vineyards, representing...


Montefalco (Perugia)
The philosophy of Bocale

The Valentinis’ family has been linked by history and personal experiences to the City of Montefalco for over one hundred years. The background is the special Umbrian region, full of history and cultur...

Brunozzi Giorgio Azienda Agraria

Montefalco (Perugia)
Brunozzi is a small, family-run wine-growing and producing business located 1.5 kilometres south of Montefalco in ColleArfuso, a centuries-old rural village. We have eight hectares of land, two of which are planted with DOC and DOCG Montefalco

Cariani Produzione Porchetta di Bevagna

Montefalco (Perugia)
In the heart of Umbria, the old tradition of the “porchetta” (roasted pork) of Bevagna has been carried on by Cariani Porchetta Umbra di Bevagna. The traditional “porchetta” is made by cooking the whole pig with head attach...

Colle Ciocco

Montefalco (Perugia)
Settimio Spacchetti established the farm in 1935 and today it is run by his sons Lamberto and Eliseo. It covers 19 hectares, 8 hectares of Sagrantino and other grapes and 9 hectares of olive groves. The farm lies 400 metres above sea level. In Col...

Cristiano Ceppi Guida Escursionistica Ambientale AIGAE

Montefalco (Perugia)
Hi I’m Cristiano Ceppi, an environmental hiking guide enrolled to AIGAE, Environmental Hiking Guides Italian Association.
Are you ready to discover the beauties of Strada del Sagrantino lands? Wonderful landscapes, marvelous places fu...

Fattoria La Redola Verde

Montefalco (Perugia)
The company was founded in Montefalco with the intention of recreating
the farm as it once was. Here you can find, as in the past in our
countryside, a little bit of everything because we breed what was
necessary for the compl...

Fongoli Soc. Agr.

Montefalco (Perugia)
The Azienda Agraria Fongoli is splendidly nestled among the gentle hills of Montefalco, the fruitful wine making region of the Sagrantino DOCG and the Rosso di Montefalco DOC labels. The Fongoli family have been dedicated to wine making for over 7...

Fonte Sala

Montefalco (Perugia)
Fonte Sala is an organic farm with agriturismo: five independent accommodations from 3 to 8 guests. A swimming pool surrounded by Sagrantino vineyards and olive trees, overlooking the Umbrian countryside. All apartments are furnished w...

Hotel Degli Affreschi

Montefalco (Perugia)
The Hotel Degli Affreschi is located in the heart of Montefalco, just a few steps from the main square. This recently restored ancient convent is named for the six large frescoes that adorn the hotel’s main hall and reading room. In the brea...

La Veneranda

Montefalco (Perugia)
Our family lives and cultivates land in Montefalco since 1568, as documented in the Historical Archives of the Municipality. In 1827 the property was managed by the heir Maria Aloisa, a woman of such a great culture and wisdom to deserve the nickn...

Le Cimate

Montefalco (Perugia)
“Le Cimate” is situated in one of the most suggestive locations in Umbria – Montefalco, that is the heart of Sagrantino wine.
Bartoloni family has specialized in agriculture since 1800 and owns a total of 170 hectares of l...

Le stelline Hotel Village

Modonna della Stella Frazione di Montefalco (Perugia)
Located in Alzatura, Madonna della Stella, Montefalco, LE STELLINE HOTEL VILLAGE*** comes back to life from a characteristic renovated farmhouse, within walking distance from the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Stella, and is surrounded by the natu...

Lungarotti Chiara

Montefalco (Perugia)
The creation of the D.O.C. Montefalco appellation in 1979 was made possible also thanks to Giorgio Lungarotti’s contribution. Mindful of this, when many other producers began to invest in far-away wine areas, we decided to remain within our ...

Oil Mill Montioni Gabriele

Montefalco (Perugia)
In the heart of Umbria just only 150 meters from the town of Montefalco, Oil Mill Montioni Gabriele for over 40 years producing extra virgin olive oil "Cold Press" of high quality.

From us you will find:


Montefalco (Perugia)
Restaurant Oleoteca Olevm, in the centre of Montefalco, was founded in 2009 by the idea of Daniela Fagioli and experience of her husband Olivio Ponti as Extra Virgin Olive Oil producer to create a place where the main subject was the oil in all it...

Osteria il Sagrantino

Montefalco (Perugia)
In the heart of the lands of Sagrantino, our Osteria has as a staple and principle of all the value and promotion of the indigenous grape Sagrantino di Montefalco, real "unicum" of the area.
Around it is "moving...

Paolo Bea

Montefalco (Perugia)
As a child, I learned this craft from my father. Our history and tradition is the source of our knowledge and inspiration. Today, my family is here with me, all working together. Our roots in Montefalco trace back to the 1500's, as documents i...


Montefalco (Perugia)
Beginning with the very name ”PERTICAIA”, which means “plow” in local dialect, we hope to communicate and transmit deep connection to the environment which surrounds us, and from which our Montefalco wines are born.

Re Tartù

Montefalco (Perugia)
Re Tartù carries on the local culinary tradition dedicated to this precious jewel, creating dishes capable of satisfying even the most demanding palates.
Each dish is in fact made with absolutely genuine products, expertly selected b...

Restaurant Locanda del Teatro

Montefalco (Perugia)
The Locanda del Teatro proposes the tipical Valle Umbria recipes, land of the Sagrantino wine. 


Montefalco (Perugia)
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Montefalco (Perugia)
The estate of Scacciadiavoli is the result of the dream of Prince Ugo Boncompagni-Ludovisi. The cantina was realized in the second half of the 1800s, when PrinceUgo Boncompagni- Ludovisi left Rome to dedicate himself to the production of wine.


Montefalco (Perugia)
Colle Grimaldesco, is the label of the winery that distinguishes itself for wines of superior quality like Sagrantino di Montefalco and Rosso di Montefalco. In 664 AD, when King Grimovaldo, a Longobard king, stayed in this location on his journey ...

Tenuta ColFalco - Ruggeri G. Società Agricola s.s.

Montefalco (Perugia)
Our Historical roots go back to 1970, when Giovanni Ruggeri was among the first to believe in the potential of the Montefalco area and what was soon to become the grape variety that is now synonymous with this region “Il Sagrantino”.

Tessitura Pardi

Montefalco (Perugia)
The  gryphon is a mythological and symbolical figure. It has the head of an eagle, that symbolizes cleverness and the body of a lion, that symbolizes power.
The first traces date back to the Hittites, the Assyrians, the Babylonians, th...


Montefalco (Perugia)
Montefalco is our inspiration.
Located at the top of a hill overlooking the plains, it is nicknamed the Righiera dell’Umbria (The Balcony of Umbria). Wherever you look, the view is breathtaking. Our farm and our winery are locate...
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